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1. God given medicine.
2. God's gift to mankind.
3. Spiderman's lover
4. A hard candy.
5. A woman's vagina.
6. Another name for Marijuana

6a. weed, bud, reefer, pot, hash, ganja, chonke, cat nip, greens.
6b. Marijhaene minute - The extended period of time it takes a pothead to get anything done.
6c. Marijhaene time - Time to smoke pot and ponder.
1. All the doctor's pills in the world cant stop my buddy's MS shakes like Marijhaene.
2. and God saith, "Let there be happiness!" and there was marijhaene.
3. Marijhaene Parker and Peter Parker had a child together and she had super spider powers as well.
4. This marijhaene taste soooo sweet!
5. That girl had a sweet marijhaene!
6. I like to smoke that marijhaene.

6a. Smoke the marijhaene.
6b. Damn, it took me a marijhaene minute to realize were out of pot!
6c. Man, it's been a long day. I think it's marijhaene time.
by VajAyna April 03, 2011
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