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This man is very intelligent, funny and a great man to hang out with. He will always make you smile when you are having a tough time. He will never lie to friends or family. He's never sad but when he sees others he will cheer them up and make them have a better day. He's a very shy and soft-man and probably will not fight back if something bad happened. People usually think he's cute and outgoing. He's a marshmallow. He love to hang out with friends and his parents are most likely strict. He is also most likely pale as heck. He will also most likely not have a girlfriend or have had any dating experience. But all in all he is one cool dude.
Boy1: Dang dude your so smart! You must be Mariglen!
Boy2: Yup that's me!
by Ihfihvkh June 11, 2018
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