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The most beautiful girl know to earth, who has nice ass titties and gives that mean dome.
spanish girls with nice tits and pretty faces with the name marieliz
by LouboutinSexySwagg July 02, 2012
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Marieliz is A beautiful girl, that like boys with the letter w and smiles beautifully. she has a nice shaped body and a great attitude. but don’t get on her bad she will get pretty evil. she is even smart and flirty and everytime she smiles she shines up the whole room. you will want to be friend with a marieliz she can be the best girlfriend you ever have she is loyal and caring. She puts everybody else first before her self.
Guy 1: Who is that beautiful girl? Guy 2: oh that’s marieliz my girlfriend
by Yoursavagegirlgigi February 17, 2019
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