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Mariedith. Unique, like the spelling of her name. She is not your typical Meredith. She is filled with beauty, fire and mischief. Mariediths are meticulous planners and are always busy. They never seem to sweat the tasks before them, but inside they worry that things will not go exactly as they envisioned. Mariedith always seems very light hearted and naive, sometime clueless but that is also part of her plan. She is happy and free spirited as long as she gets her way. Mariedith is very attractive, but not in a traditional, beauty queen way. She is seductive, confident and sexy and this coupled with her innocent demeanor makes her very dangerous, especially with men. She generally gets what she wants in work and love. Her confidence allows her to be a risk taker and a trend setter. Women want to be her. Men just want her, although sometimes they are overwhelmed.
I thought I was a shoe-in for the promotion. But she got it. I didn't see that one coming. She must have been a Mariedith.
by ohyeah123 February 02, 2010
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