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Decedents of Royalty from Northern Ethiopian Country now known as Eritrea after liberation in May of 1991. Mariamo(s) were said to have been the gift from god to the African people as leaders back into the holy world. Their have been different versions of Mariamo decendents such as Tesfemariam, Gebremariam, & Habtemariam. Regardless of its transformation the original Mariamo blood is said to be running through any true Eritrean/Ethiopian Habeshan. Mariam originally meaning Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus himself is extended in an Italian accent to symbolize the independence of a true leader. The use of the Italian language was enforced because of the strong influences of the 30 yr war lead in East Africa. Not only has it lead to a more extensive culture but it has also created a new Italianate way of living from food to personalities. In all essence if you surround yourself with a true Mariamo you are in the path of good fortune.
It's amazing how he leads the way like a Mariamo.
by Mariamo November 21, 2011
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