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Mareha means to be exceptionally perfect. To have no cares in the world. To be excited to be alive. To help and to love others like being rewarded with billions of dollars. To take in pain and hold it then cry it out later. Mareha is to make everyone smile because she likes putting happiness on others faces. Mareha means to be random and dance like no one is watching. And love so hard that it kills. Mareha means to practice peace and religion and forgive and forget. Mareha means to be free-spirited. Mareha means to mature. It means to stand up for what’s right even though it’s not popular. It means to be crazy and wacky and humorous. It means to practice any and everything that you can. Mareha is to be exceptionally perfect. Mareha means live life without regret.
Be a Mareha .
by mpriddy3 June 01, 2018
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Mareha is a young and talented young girl who has a creative personality and a beautiful Mind whom loves to dance and sing and is smarter than you think she is and that will eventually go to the army and fight for rights whom is also very beautiful an would love to go to the army one day
by Cat.killsem May 07, 2014
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