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Marching Band PTSD is when you have gained PTSD from Marching Band. It’s could be from messing up or dropping during a performance, or it can be a little thing like showing up late for practice. There is always a consequence for everything.
Me: I had a nightmare. I think it’s from my Marching Band PTSD.
Friend: What Happened?
Me: I was doing drill and I forgot my music.
by TacoBellShit October 20, 2019
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The disorder all marching band members have after band camp. Side effects are nightmares in which you are running a drill and the director leaves you at horns up for hours on end, sleep marching, and multiple Vietnam-like flashbacks.
The marcher was afraid to sleep because of her marching band ptsd.
by YEETHAN July 25, 2017
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