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A girl usually attracted to Caucasian guys . Marcasia’s is the type of girl that is hard to not fall in love with . Marcasia has the most beautiful smile . When Marcasia falls in love she loves unconditionally. She will do anything for that person and will choose him over anybody . Marcasia is very playful and friendly . She may look mean but when you talk to her she is very nice and welcoming . Marcasia is very beautiful and has a big heart . She will make you happy and she will always be there for you . Marcasia is the type of girl with goals and she will do anything to reach those goals . Marcasia is the type of girl who has been through hell and back and has had her heart broken multiple times and just want to find somebody who will be there for her and have the same goals she has .
“ Is that Marcasia “

oh yeah she only likes white guys”

“ Marcasia is very hot
by TrotterHolmes June 29, 2018
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