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Masaashaun-A strong independent black man that don't need no woman. His favorite letter is A, the evidence of this is his first name (there are four). A Maraashaun loves basketball, he has on drawer in his dresser dedicated to cool basketball socks. In the drawer to the right he typically stores his basketball. The garage is unpredictable, therefore it is an unsafe environment for his beloved basketball. A Maraashaun doesn't always wear basketball socks, he sometimes wears regular socks. But that doesn't mean he's fashionable. You will rarely see a Maraashaun in jeans. However he does wear some pretty schnazzy glasses. Also he has some cool headphones, they aren't his because he loses his stuff a lot. They're his moms, and they're pink and white. He is always listening to his rap music, typical Maraashaun music.
A: Dude, look at that guy.
B: The one with the orange basketball socks?
A: Yeah! Don't you think he's a Maraashaun?
B: Totally man. What else would he be?
by Rachael Wait For It Schur April 29, 2014
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