a sexual act involving at least three men. Similar to an orgy where many, many, many, many gay men pile on top of each other during sexual penetration for euphoric orgiastic pleasure. Known as a manweave because of the weaving action of the anal penetration (like weaving a wicker basket) between the several male partners involved. Lesbians with strap-ons have also been known to perform this act.
Me and my friends did a 5,000 man manweave that started in Detroit and ended in Baltimore. Man we sure weaved up those dudes.
by Jameson Dillon May 31, 2007
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When a number of gay men gather as a group and penetrate each other. There cannot be a manweave unless 50 or so participate. Usually involves a conductor and creeper
Mark the Tark penetrated 73 men during his manweave.
by tallyberg May 31, 2007
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