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(N.) 1 a: Someone exhibiting any efforts to manage a job (any job) that has gone either comically awry or dangerously out of control.

(N.) 2 a: A mode of address used among friends in the context of teasing, or hazing. Used in this context, this term should be considered a term of endearment.

(N) 3 b: A mode of address used as an insult. When used as an insult, this term takes a meaning much like the derogatory meaning of the Spanish word “Jefe.”

Post Script: The use of this word often requires very subtle change in the speaker’s tone of voice and a specific context. Its use is not recommended for clowns, architects, or real managers.
(a) I didn’t want to do it, but, that job was so hopelessly out of control that I had no other choice but to start acting like a manuhjuh.

(b) I know you’re a manuhjuh and all, but that doesn’t mean I have to come mow your lawn.

(c) Look at him over there, throwing everybody under the bus just like a manuhjuh.
by Tlahtoani Anubis August 10, 2006
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