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Can refer to any large caliber gun or bullet that will immediately "stop" a person with one hit. You might live from receiving a limb shot. But there is little to no chance of surviving a hit to the head or body. .50 AE, .45 ACP and .357 Magnum are popular calibers know as manstoppers. The larger the better.
Dirty Harry didn't mess around. His .44 Magnum was an absolute manstopper. Do you feel lucky punk?
by MRocco October 29, 2010
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Quite simply a man stopper is a tampon. Encountering a tampon inside of a woman while attempting to have sex with her will stop a man in his tracks.
We were making out, I got her top off, she seemed good to go but when I tried to finger bang her, well God dammit I ran headlong into a man stopper! That was the end of that night.
by Plumb Nutz November 30, 2019
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