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Manoj is a smart man. When manoj attend the stinky book festival, but lets a large cloud of flatulence release from his loose buttocks, and stinks up the room even more. He evilly closed all windows and blocks all exits with his manly cheeks. Then, using his powerful asscheeks, he pull the wall of the rooms in, and starts to shrink the room. The book enthusiasts are soon suffocated by the methane-filled manoj sharts, and faint immediately. But, alas! Manoj closes the room too small to contain his own body, and he implodes and stinks up the room even more.
Shyub: Yo, Ming and Shatang, did u catch that Manoj Kandafarticus that happened yesterday?
Ming: Yeah, I heard that Twatshay was there too!
Shatang: That was nasty, i heard Manoj came home and sat in Twatshay's laptop, too!
by Shatarngarishi ThinMintz June 16, 2018
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