A man who is absolutely filled to the brim with testosterone. A true alpha male. Must be repulsed by the gays, butch women, femininity and Harry Styles. A true beacon of masculinity. Candace Owen's dream guy. Manspreads at every chance.

Attached is a picture of a true Manly Man.
by BRINGBACKMANLYMEN December 21, 2020
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Let Candace Owens enjoy her 15 seconds of nano - fame.
- H.
- Have you heard about Candace’s ‘Bring back manly men’ movement?

- Poor lady... got dragged by the kindest man on this planet.
by fijiforblue December 2, 2020
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A quote first used against Harry Styles by Candace Owen who shamed Harry for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue

After that, Harry Styles took this quote as his own, as he took to Instagram and twitter and posted a picture of him with the caption, bring back manly men

Harry Styles taking the world by storm

Girl 1: Did you hear about Harry Styles wearing a dress on the vogue cover. Ew. I say bring back manly men
Girl 2: What defines manly, huh? Just because a guy wears a dress, doesnt mean he's any less manly. Go away you sexist pig!
by Zquader December 3, 2020
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The act of intentionally killing your self in a video game upon hearing "manly men die".
"Holy shit dude, we're winning game this so hard."
"Yeah but you know what they say, manly men die".
by Phishticuffs October 5, 2023
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