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A Manjay (aka: DickJockey) is a male dj that feels the need to include gender when referring to djs of the opposite sex. Manjays infuriate women by focusing on their gender and looks, disregarding skill or experience. In reality, women hear more frequencies than men, and they play what women like (dancefloors are usually dominated by women).

You can commonly hear a manjay saying things like: female dj, girl dj, chick dj, LadeeJay, or the worst... Djane.
Guy: Hey did you see that girl dj earlier? She had great tits.
Girl: No, i was actually listening to her set you Manjay.

Guy: That a female dj up there is pretty good... for a girl.
Girl: Yep, i think her boyfriend was playing before her.
Guy: Oh... he must be sharing his set with her. Right on.
Girl: Shut up you stupid Manjay, now go buy me a drink.
by dj_ moodyeva October 21, 2010
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