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a relationship where someone is being manipulated and controlled by their partner
a manipulating relationship - manipulationship

where one partner uses something against the other person (eg. emotional blackmail, violence or humiliation) to get the other person to do what they want
by Lix Smit October 28, 2009
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a relationship based on where the other person can get you in your life, your career, or social strata.

in a manipulationship, you either play the people in your life to achieve your own evil outcomes, or you are played by the manipulator to achieve their end and to the detriment of you.
people who are star fuckers and only speak to people they think are in position of "power" in their professional sphere and ignore others.

"who is here? anyone worth talking to, i'm only into manipulationships".?"

"omg, josie is talking to that she insane..? "
by melzielee November 25, 2009
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