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Quite simply a conssisseur of males within a group of females (or gay males). A maniosseur's rating of a dude is always rated above everyone else's in the click.
Two chicks walking down Sunset Blvd...

Chick 1: Omg look at that cutie across the road! Isn't that Zac Efron?

Chick 2: Nah, he wishes that he was Zac Efron. But check out that other dude on the Harley at the red Keanu Reeves look alike. Oh wait, it actually is Keanu Reeves!

Chick 1: Dang Tracy! How come you always spot the hottest ones!

Chick 2: I don't know Debbie. I guess I have the maniosseur's eye...

Chick 1: That's true. You perfected your maniossuerism in high school when you were just a nerd. The boys never even looked at you back then...

Chick 2: Well I bet they're gonna look at me now that I've bought myself these two babies!

*pulls up t-shirt and flashes Keanu on bike for emphasis, then runs off after causing multiple cars to crash into each other*

Chick 1: Dude...wrong-o!
by lady lynxx April 01, 2009
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