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When a grown man, either due to shyness, flirtation, being tickled or for other reasons related to becoming giddy, fails to laugh like an adult male, and instead can only muster a series of giggles containing effeminate qualities.
Michael broke into an embarrassing bout of mangiggles after being asked on a date by an attractive woman he had long desired.


Joe exhibited a case of mangiggles while being tickled by his long-time girlfriend. She now "wears the pants" in the relationship.
by SPACIAL-D December 02, 2009
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(n.) A guy's short, repeated, silly, high toned chuckle.

(v.) When a guy laughs in high, somewhat girly, and spasmodic manner.
Did you hear how that guy man-giggled after that last joke? It was hilarious!
by City.Slicker. August 01, 2009
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Man-Giggle man-gig uh’ l verb

1. A laugh, nasal and higher-pitched in tone (usually restrained so as to mask its appearance), as from juvenile or ill-conceived amusement. Most frequently heard in relation to trivial subjects that don’t usually attract a laugh. The Man-Giggle is typically accompanied by large amounts of any combo of the following; Caffeine, Other Men, Gaming Instruments, Jerry Seinfeld, Comedy Movies, Anything Relating to Justin Bieber, Kitchen Jokes, Alcohol, ect.
"We watched Zombieland last night and Matt kept busting out with that man-giggle of his..."
by Seriously.WhySoSerious August 15, 2011
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