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1. -noun. A night in which one gets so drunk, usually off Jack and Cokes, where one ends up blacking out, crying about nothing, and then eventually throwing up either on himself or the ground. The Maness night process usually happens sequentially, but rarely one of the three actions does not occur. (When thrown up on the ground, the person experiencing the Maness night usually falls into their own throw up and then refuses to be helped up, thus still laying in their own throw up.)

2. -noun. A night/day where one drinks an excessive amount of alcohol and doesn't know when to stop.

3. -noun. A night/day where one drinks enough to kill a small village in Central Africa.
1. Person one, "Wow, brother! What happened last night?" Person two, "I don't know, but Ralph sure had a Maness Night last night. We were at a party where he drank so much Jungle Juice he almost molested a girl and then threw up on the stoops of the apartment building! He continued to lay in his own vomit until picked up by three people." Person one, "That was a great night then!"

2. I believe tomorrow we should have a Maness Night.

3. We drank so much alcohol last night we should have been in comas. Last night was an awesome Maness night!
by ilivedthroughamanessnight January 13, 2010
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