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Village in Southeast MI, home of the flying dutchmen. If you don't wear steel toe boots anda carhart on a daily basis and/or live on a farm, you probably don't belong here. Theres 4 half-black kids, so really only 2; and 3 asians who are adopted by white parents. 20 minutes west of the arrogant hippies of A2 and 20 east of the wankstas of Jackson, 20 north of the wiggers of Adrian, and 15 south of the coke heads of Chelsea, this small town is a unique buffer between these cities. You wanna party in Manchester? Drive around any night of the week and look for a barn thats lit up. Theres bound to be a game of beer pong and a joint being passed around. We don't even have a stoplight, so don't expect much, the Dairy queen doesn't even have chocolate ice cream. Supposeldy world famous for our annual chicken broil, town events revolve around the highschool sports or the Mens club. Theres 7 churches and 3 pizza joints in a town that rarely has over 100 kids per graduating class. Where will I be tonight? Hammies at The grey house. Yes sometimes we do actually party indoors even though with this crowd we probably should be outside.
After the football game, were gonna party in the parking lot in Manchester, MI
by Mr. Mowrer March 16, 2011
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