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A reference to a run-down or extremely powerful automobile whose driving experience is similar to a camping trip in which manly acts are heavily participatory and encouraged. Participants tout their manliness, and often shout "MANCAR!" at the end of acts that are considered manly. At this point, all other men in the vicinity of the car also shout "MANCAR!" in hearty amicability of the aforementioned remark.

A run-down Mancar necessarily must be lacking common amenities that newer cars may offer. This may include no Air Conditioning, improperly working headlights or tail lights, stereo speakers which do not work, a very low MPG rating, or an incredibly loud engine which is not necessarily powerful.

Participants also must be doing manly things while riding in mancar, such as upper and lower extremities hanging out open windows, passengers consuming alcohol in cleverly disguised containers, or yelling "Spring Break!" at pedestrians while shirtless.

A Mancar must also be full of only men, all of which are encouraged to have a scruff demeanor and/or unkempt facial hair.

The Mancar is the male opposite of a 'Ginecar, which unlike a Mancar is necessarily a newer model car, most likely a hybrid, inhabited by women who are encouraged to have a quiet relaxing ride.
Driver: "Dude, did you just yell ' Spring Break '03 ' at that chick walking down the street? You realize it's 2009. . ."
Passenger: "But ' Spring Break '03 ' sounds better. . . MANCAR!"
Driver and passengers in unison: "MANCAR!"
by JKarp August 24, 2009
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The ford Mandeo. The Mighty, Manly car driven by Peter Mc Millian, aka Ossah, aka Man Man!
Dude did you get the license of that man car?
by Darko Darkenson and Co. February 12, 2008
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