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1(US) {from "motorcade"=>"manbuscade"} : An event where several (often upwards of thirty) homosexual men ride on a bus downtown together while enjoying various group sex acts. Manbuscades often involve multiple buses in convoy. Kylie Minogue music is common.

2(UK) {from "ambuscade"=>"manbuscade"}: A street gang of homosexual thugs who regularly gang rape and rob unsuspecting victims in planned ambushes. A low level organized crime group of at least three members.
1(US) "And so suddenly -- out of nowhere -- these three gigantic, mostly transparent, super gay buses came rolling through main street, downtown. Apparently it was a manbuscade, as the middle bus had proudly written on its side. Seriously, in that minute the manbuscade was passing -- I saw some of the gayest shit I've ever seen in my entire life."

2(UK) "I lay in wait, hiding behind the bushes around the trail. We surround the trail from all sides, yet remain invisible to the walkers. We look for signs of weakness -- anything as simple as a fanny pack, or too tucked-in a shirt, can be our trigger. Our two foremen drag our victim off to the bushes, while I strip off his pants. We've brought lube with us every time -- but we rarely need it anymore. It's a perfect manbuscade."
by ScrunchMuffinsDelight August 03, 2012
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