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A term that refer to one who is more manly than anybody or anything else. These people are often said to be "born of man" or "Mantastic" If you are ever graced by the presence of one who is Manborn you will know almost instantly due to your sudden urge to masturbate and uncontrollable orgasms.
Used in a sentence...

"Look at that Manborn hes so damn sexy!"
"Yea if i was a chick i would totally bang him"


"Why do i have the sudden urge to shove this broom up inside me?"
"Thats because there is a Manborn over there"
"Why thank you for the information good sir"
"No problem, now you and the broom go have fun and i totally wont be watching from over there with these binoculars"
"Thanks mister!"
by Manborn November 26, 2009
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