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A sporting event involving 20 rounds of fierce competition in rounds of only the most manly sports.

Contested in a random drawn order are:

. Bear wrestling

. Tiddlywinks
. Beer chugging.

. Whirlpool escape
. Rock breaking
. House building
. Petrol inhalation
. Beard growing
. Dwarf tossing
. MMA 1v1 (knockout championship)

. Crocodile Dundee rodeo
. Lorry toeing
. Steak eating
. Elephant weightlifting
. Ballet
. Rugby
. Chainsaw jousting

. Moose stomping
. Dave
. Watching sad films and not crying

The event is held every 4 years.
Barry absolutely smashed the competition in last year's manathalon.
by pk3r72owns July 12, 2016
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