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When a manager says "we" to their boss in reference to the work his/her subordinates did that he/she is taking credit for.
Subordinate: "Hey, I finished that project you asked me to do."
Manager: "Thanks, I'll let my boss know. Good work!"
Manager to Manager's Boss: "Hey, look at this thing we made, cool huh?"
Co-worker to Subordinate: "Hey, didn't you write that policy?"
Subordinate: "Yeah, that was a 'managerial we'."
Co-worker: "Snaked by the bossman again!"
by banzai_barracuda November 27, 2013
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When a manager says "we" and means "you"
Bossman: We need to fix this
Wageslave: OK, should I set up a meeting for us?
Bossman: No, just do it. That was the "managerial we"; I meant "you"
by Randomdude11 November 22, 2013
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