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A certain someone that excels in ManBearPigging. They go out specifically to grenade and get some just so it will make there friends happy. They do break the man code because they are getting with the ugly chick when its not necessary...but its all good...Some famous Hunters are the ones from, (Nard, Drew, Nes, Dev, and of course THE MIZ)

They also must enjoy dominating these wild beasts
1. Look at that guy talking to the fat ugly manbear for no reason...he must be a manbearpig hunter
2. Trenkar is a new up and coming ManBearPig Hunter
3. God damn im in a slump cant get any hot girls looks like im just gonna have to get hammered and be the token manbearpig hunter for the night
by King of the manbearpigs April 20, 2009
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