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The Man Shed is an elusive and little known building in the region of Fairlight Sydney where certain individuals who exceed in the art of manliness go to smash down Campari and other well known alcoholic beverages.

The Man Shed came into being with the arrival of the Lord family into the Fairlight area. David Lord who goes by the alias Papa D moved to the Gangsta Ass Region of Fairlight and took with him his sons Finley and Tom they were also accompanied to Fairlight by their cousin Tom from England. Though from where in England no one really knows.
On the eve of their house warming party the trio decided to invite their Black Ass O.G. Ice Kold Killa friend over for some drinks. Now at this time the Black Man was forced to keep his behavior PG rated due to the presence of underage girls in the house. It is suffice to say that the O.G. failed miserably at this. However the trio then revealed to him the awesome spectacle that is the Man Shed in this sacred and most holy of sheds the Black Friend did not have to modify his behavior and ever since that day the boys have bin smashing down campari and other alcoholic beverages in the Man Shed and the black friend did not have to worry about receiving disapproving looks from Papa D's lady Kel when he failed to keep his pants on and his behavior PG rated.

This is a true report of the first occurrence of the Man Shed. After this day Man Shed began popping up all over the country with increasing regularity due to the groundwork put in by the Lord boys in making the Man Shed a place where Men and their Biznitches can go to have on off chops night.
Finley "Fucking Campari"

Tom "Oy Paul when are you next sesshing up the man shed!"

Tom "Ey boys come on over to the Man Shed so we can put in some ground work before hitting the clubs on the prowl for skank ass hoes"

Ray Ray Rankin "Ay you you sick fuck"
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill July 27, 2009
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