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The ultimate reference guide book for any and all Man Laws. It was published in 2009 by Brian Griswold and Paul Skyllz. It's the best thing for men since the full picture Karma Sutra. This book is the antithesis of everything feminine and metro sexual.

WARNING: This book may cause rage, weeping, hair loss, weight loss, excessive weight gain, vomiting, explosive diarrhea, head aches, euphoria, decapitation, loss of vision, loss of hearing, loss of spouse, gambling, nose bleeds, groin pain, international incidents, uncontrollable night terrors, uncontrollable turrets, uncontrollable hatred for the French, finger dislocation, shoulder dislocation, domicile dislocation, painful laughter, and hiccups. Don't use while sleeping and driving. After reading avoid using heavy machinery or flying for 12 hours. If blood shoots out from your eyes, stop reading and contact your doctor. In the case of being stranded on a deserted island or being hunted by a rich billionaire, do not rely on this book to save your life. This book has been known to incite riots, uprisings, revolutions, divorce, wet t-shirt contests, and mutiny. Read this book carefully and avoid eye contact with Zombies.
A look inside The Man Law Bible:

Man Law 5- A man cannot be bisexual.

Man Law 157- There is no reason why a man should ever sit on another man's lap.

Man Law 232- It's always Beer30 somewhere.

Man Law 301- You should eat at least one meal a month while standing.

Man Law 334- Never eye wink another man.

Man Law 417- You should always take a girl up on a bet that she can't put her whole fist in her mouth.
by Doc Grimshaw November 21, 2011
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