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A legendary drum & bass DJ and head of Charge Recordings who started his career in the early 90s. Known for very technical and precise mixing as well as being able to drop multiple tracks at the same time known as double- or tripledrops (depends on the number of tracks).
The DJ was on fire, dropping five tunes at the same time like Mampi Swift!
by ben masters June 24, 2013
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The art of mixing badly, with a complete lack of beat matching. To mash tunes together.
'Geez that dj mixes like mampi swift'
by alex lumb March 31, 2008
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Tits, boobs and all manner of breasts on show. See also Swiftigans Mamps Swifts
Wow those are some serious Mampi Swifts right there.

She had some prime Mampi Swifts strapped to her chest.
by Whohugh June 13, 2018
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