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So me and al and frank and dan are in the car on the way to poker the other night and al is telling a story and he somehow messes up wicked bad but still says a clear smotth thing that sounds like a word... he says something along the lines of... yeah so my moms boss is mamoulamont.... pronounced

ma mow la mont

he continues with the story and this critical speaking error has gone untouched so a few words later i say . "wait wait wait baacckk up.. did you just say ..... mamoulamont?. too make a long story short we saud the word about 9000 times almost to the point of killing it and the word has been in my head ever since.

This word has now brought on a life of its own as many people are starting to use it.
Can be used as a substitute for an expression like Bullshit.

"Thats straight up Mamoulamont!"

but usually used as a single word as an expression while pondering something but can not come up with an answer or the right words to use. like.. "::sigh::.... Mamoulamont"
by gary November 07, 2004
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