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A beautiful female creature that runs on her twinkle toes through magical forest in search of her male equivalent and soul mate for life “Damoose.”
Mamoosian creatures are well known for their sparky temperament but most of the time they remain loyal, kind and very loving.
Mamoosian creatures are small of stature but very large of heart, speak in highly pitched, often grating voices but are often welcomed due to their ample supplies of magic fairy dust and love.
The beautiful Mamoose spread her magic fairy dust throughout the forrest in desperate search for her glorious Damoose.
by Mamoose June 22, 2011
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a noble animal, a combination between a moose and a (super)human.

also used when one feels victorious--one can feel infinite, heroic and proclaim, "I'm a maMOOSE!"
I'm a mamoose, bitches!!
by hamsterjones April 03, 2011
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