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Mamburay is your not-so-average downstairs neighbour.

Normal behavour for a Mamburay:

Drinking a liter of sauce.
To drunk to speak, walking around in Nyhavn.
Destroying your PS3 controller, when getting a beatdown in FIFA.
Hosting homeparties with 90% strangers.

A Mamburay got a good heart, but a big temper, and is known for the sentence "Just remember it", when he want something, and ain't getting it. (So you know he'll get his revenge).

He's always cocking great food for you and hosting neat 16+ parties.

Yeah we played some FIFA last night, but "xx" is such a mamburay.. he just can't take loosing.

1)Yo lets get a party on
2)I'm on!! But our friends are working normal hours??
1)We just do it Mamburay style!!

1)Yo let me drive your brand new Mercedes
2)I havn't even drove it myself yet
1) Alright, just remember it!!!...
by K I N G K October 24, 2010
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