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(noun) The "slang" name for one of the best teachers. Commonly used when asking questions, stating a point, singing, trying to raise attention, in greetings and conversations. Can describe people who stir cauldrons or take pride in taking their kids to the park, giving them popsicles, or playing kick ball with them.
Mama Cleere takes our phones and puts them in the "bad basket"
Mama Cleere says Andrew is stupid.

Mama Cleere threatened to call my mother today but she didnt.
Gabi tells Mama Cleere things she shouldnt know about the classes personal lives.

Mama Cleere said long and hairy.

Mama Cleere doesnt like when Alex, Kim and Deanna sing.

Mama Cleere threw somebody in her couldren yesterday.
Mama Cleere told matt to stop kicking the desk.
by cobrakiwi May 20, 2010
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