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A girl who goes to a mall to prowl for guys or girls to hook up with. She may hookup just for fun or in exchange for clothes, ipod, cd's, and other goodies. Reasons that a mall is better than a club: (1)More people to choose from (2)Much safer environment (3)Clubs are too dark and noisy (4)Don't have to be 21 (5)Malls are usually closer too home (6)It's the perfect cover for what she's really shopping for (7)Combine two favorite things - shopping n sex (8)No cover charge (9)Easier to get there n back (10)Better food
Kelly decided to become a mall slut like most of her friends
by Jason A26 February 19, 2006
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One of those stupid, superficial teenage cunts, concerned souly with men who are built physically perfect in their eyes, who go to a shopping mall trying to peddle some cheap pussy to these sports obscessed, ego maniac dicks. They are only a mall slut if the pussy is peddled for free. Lake Region High School in Eagle Lake Florida is where they spend most of their days during the Fall, Srping, and Autumn.
Amanda may only be a sophmore at Lake Region but she's already a full blown mall slut.
by Jack Adick January 05, 2005
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