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A female teacher or who is obsessed with a student that is at least 30 years younger than them or has a child the same age however does not hide their crush.
Symptoms include mentioning the student constantly and disliking anyone else in the class who is not the favoured student.
The term can also be applied to a worker/boss situation.

Coincidently, a Malkaniser is a 3-part whiskey 2-part apple juice and lemonade cocktail to be drunk with a Twix as a test of manliness.
Guy 1: John's teacher totally has a crush on him, she keeps mentioning him and utterly loves him, it’s gone beyond teacher's pet!
Guy 2: Dude she's a Malkaniser!


Guy 3: Malkanisers totally make me sick, I'm never drinking that again.
by toothpaste salad December 20, 2008
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