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A really hot girl,she is sweet and cool..but can be vicious at times. Overall, she is amazing, really smart and just the best person to be around. She is also the best girl you will ever get, she's a keeper.
Oh did you see Maleea? She's been in a relationship with that guy for almost five years! She must be a keeper!
by Juan Gar. May 25, 2012
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Maleea is a very beautiful person who is a great person to pay attention to. When you get to know her she is an amazing person to have as a best friend. She's very pretty and has an adorable smile. Her hair is always perfect and flawless even when she's not trying. She really like watching movies and has a huge collection of them. Don't loose a friendship you have with a maleea because she is definitely a keeper!
Yeah I've got a hot best friend and her name is Maleea.
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