A high school located in Louisville, KY directly next to the airport (if that says anything) whose student body is made up of ratchet black girls and white trash boys. Their main exports are dropouts and crack whores. Seniors frequently have sex in their elevators with freshman and get their scholarships taken away because of it
Xavier : “Look at that hobo over there jerking off on the side of the road !”

Me: “Must be a dropout from Male High School.”
by Izayah2pumpChump November 22, 2019
An place where only the best go. The girls have fat asses, and the boys big dicks. It is a place where they practice the fine art of being the best. They have a pointless game every year with a poor homeless gay ass school named Manual. There they practice the fine art of drag and stripping for the pedo teachers. In the end Male destroys the shit out of them in football. The students there are #1 in the state.
Girl: “do you go to manual?”
Guy:”Fuck no , not that poor ass school.I go to Male”
Girl:”Are the rumors true?”
Girl: touches dick*
Girl: “So they are”
This implies that male students have big dicks. Also clearly they are better than manual, and Male High School is #1 in football
by slimshady53 September 23, 2021