Any Cis-gender men who have/are the following
- has a pubescent mustache
- a weezer fan
- plays fortnite

- has a mullet
- lowers voice on purpose
- identifies as SuperStraight
- is racist, homophobic, ableist, etc
- listens to country music
- makes among us jokes
- apart of “the boyz 🥶‼️“
- un-hygienic

- mansplains
- a bigot
- cannot find the clitoris
- chews with mouth open
“Hey Hayley, do you see Johnathans new mullet ?”
“Yeah, it’s like Male Birth Control”
by sydtoasty June 30, 2021
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Any type of game or activity, used predominantly by the male population, that does both of the following two things:
1) Occupies large amounts of time
2) Fails to become an activity that women find attractive

Male birth control was created to prevent the overpopulation of the human race.
Common examples of male birth control include: World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Comic Books, and Starcraft
by SuperWelcomeMatt April 10, 2013
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you're shitty personality or looks prevent you from getting girls or prevents women wanting to get with you/ have children with you.
did you hear that billy is a trump supporter?
not surprised, he's like male birth control.
by haileyy.k March 08, 2021
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