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noun: Malatropeism

the mistaken use of a meme or trope in place of a similar one, often with an intended amusing effect. As an example, someone posts a picture of Gandalf, quoting Game of Thrones, "Brace yourself. Winter is coming!", and attributes it to: "-Dumbledor".

It is not required to be intentional. In March of 2013, U.S. President Barack Obama erroneously referred to a "Jedi Mind Meld" at a press conference on sequester deliberations. Jedi, of course, being an integral group in the Star Wars lexicon and the Mind Meld, a communications tactic of the Vulcan race in the Star Trek universe.

It should be noted, the above example, while humorous to most, angered many avid fans of the respective franchises.
His frequent use of malatropes brought a lot of hits to his profile.

That T-shirt of the Enterprise with the phrase "#1Star Wars Fan" is an excellent Malatropeism!
by DikShuttle September 04, 2014
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