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Sex with a dakimakura or love pillow.

A Makura is a person that has found having consentual sex with dakimakura or love pillow very fulfilling and pleasureable. One reason is that a pillow never says no nor complains a headache, and it actually does not mind being used as a sex object like Chopper Sik Balls).

Makura devotees claim that masturbation is impersonal, that ejaculation into thin air may to be disappointing, while cumming against your dakimakura to be very satisfying.

Makura is a form of safe sex, because you cannot catch a STD from your pillow unless you share it with somebody Makura-Bang, and you do not need to wear a condom because you cannot get your pillow pregnant.
Justin Loves his Dakamakura, Cassandra, "I think he may be a Makura -Boy".
by youguessit January 15, 2010
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