Filling a receptacle with ejaculate for the purpose of feeding it to someone, at times unbeknownst to them, at a later date.
Richie was busy in the bathroom making dinner over pornhub to share with the girls at work tomorrow.
by Ritchie_bee June 14, 2016
About an hour after lunch I spent a good ten minutes in the bathroom making room for dinner.
by ducksRpeople2 August 19, 2011
Being too busy to hang out with friends due to a long-term act of lovemaking- taking at least 4 hours- and typically involving no other people.
I'm really sorry I couldn't make the game- I was making chicken for dinner, and before I knew it it was midnight!
by TheBastard1 April 24, 2022
A sexual position in which a woman is masturbating in the kitchen, and a dude walks in sad.

Coined by comedienne Liz Miele.
"Honey, make your own dinner. /Somebody/ has to do this."
by doubiesnax May 1, 2015