A euphemism for the act of sexual intercourse, Usually used when in public around little children as it us much more appropriate.
Jenna: "Whats with that big smile on your face?"

Shelby: "I was up all night making waffles"

Jenna: "With Dread Head Dude??"

Shelby: "Yep!"

Jenna: "I hope you made safe waffles, we dont want any baby dread head dudes running around"
by J&J&S&C September 11, 2011
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Making Waffles v.
(God's language... English)
1. To conspire agianst the white man. (see whitie)
2. Opposite of a KKK meeting.
3. To relieve one's self sexually... while conspiring against whitie.
Not to be confused with making pancakes.
"Well you know one time this dude was talking to this chick and they were like dude you know i really really hate whitie and the other one was like yeah whitie sux man. And the other was like damn whities takein all the off-white man's jobs... getin all the off-white man's women... dude i hate whitie.. we should kill whitie.. yeah dude i m really hungry.. i think i m gonna go make some waffles.....
by PIMP MAN 4000 June 21, 2004
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1. Masturbating
2. Touching yourself, also known as jacking off
After Carl saw those hot chicks in the pool he ran to the bathroom to make some waffles.
by Count Dulof April 24, 2005
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when you tell our freinds your going to do something but really your rubbing one out
evan-"hey jason im going to be making waffles. jason-"ok" .....30 minuts later evan-"ya i was beating off"
by jason meehan November 4, 2009
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