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Speaks of highly developed prophetic ability, or, minimally, truth-seeing. This is the perfect coupling for your discerning mind and gentle spirit. You truly want the best for everyone, but realize there are only so many quests to which you can give your whole attention. Socially you are a bit on the stoic side, sometimes lapsing into long philosophical thoughts about what's wrong with the world and how to right it. The solutions you find are typically ones founded in non-aggressive approaches, as there's no question you are a pacifist. The only thing you'll ever use that bow and arrow for is hunting (figuratively or literally). If you need to feed your family, you head to the woods. If you need to feed your spirit, you track after the right group or ideology to fulfill that hunger. And thanks to having luck on your side, somehow the approach works out okay.
Makhail is like a night at the symphony
by blusky32757 January 23, 2012
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