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An incredibly idiotic marketing campaign launched by Purdue University in October 2010. A play on the school mascot name Boilermakers, the advertisements contain pseudo-empowering statements of Purdue's accomplishments and potential for future impact. Members of the Purdue community are encouraged to fill in the blank, "I am a ____ maker." For example, a young college-educated woman proudly referring to herself as a "baby maker." The purpose of the campaign is unclear, given that the university has no trouble recruiting tens of thousands of entitled, overly confident undergraduates every year, and it seems that the $250,000+ could be better spent amidst the school's current budgetary crisis.
Boilermakers are strong-willed. Hard-working....We build things stronger. Faster.....What we make moves the world forward.

We are Purdue. Makers, All.
by omnichic82 October 26, 2010
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