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- Something you can say you're going to do as an excuse to get drunk with a "purpose" which is to "make shit happen".

The idea is that planning out an evening is stupid. The key is to start drinking and let the booze take you on a journey.

"Making shit happen" is purposely vague as to allow your imagination to conjur up images of whatever drunken revelry it can.

- An excuse to attempt an awesome but usually ineffective play in a game or sport

- Change the game

- Create a ridiculous situation one way or another, usually involving alochol and/or bad judgement.
People sitting at home:

P1: "What are doing tonight?

P2: "Nothin much, why?"
P1: "Figured we could get drunk and make shit happen"
P2: "I'm there."

People playing beer pong:

P1: "What the hell dude that was a stupid-ass off-the-wall bounce"

P2: "I don't know about you but I'm tryin to make shit happen here, we're down 8 cups! If I make that shot that's a moral victory right there, not to mention the 2 cups it puts down. Good shot in my book."

Playing basket ball person one pulls up from 28 feet: "NBA THREE!" *air ball*

Treammate "What the fuck was that?"

P1: "Making shit happen dude, what the hell are YOU doing to help the team win?"

Teammate: "God dammit..."
by PBEARodactyl January 25, 2011
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