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n. A stew or soup made from left overs or from the last bits of food in the pantry. The stuff you make when you don't have enough food to create a decent meal so you throw what you do have in to a pot and add water and hope it tastes good and makes meals that satisfy you until you get paid and can afford to buy more food.
Cooper "damn I'm so hungry. Shit, all I have to eat is some frozen corn and some stinky potatoes. I guess I'll have to whip up some make due stew again"

Cooper "Hey baby, how bout comin' over tonight for dinner and a dip in the hot tub"
Betty "What are you cookin'?"
Cooper "I got some make due stew on the stove yo.. Its yummy"
Betty "pft, fuck that shit dude"
by The Shizphactory January 12, 2009
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