The judgement of whether or not a woman is worthy of sexual intercourse by means of a rough measurement of the width her buttocks. This measurement is conducted by forming two "hang loose" hand gestures and making touching one's thumbs together. Some gentlemen have been known to give some leeway in regards to this measurement by allowing an approximate half inch gap between the thumbs.
You see your friend chatting with a slightly plus-sized woman. You then inform him of this woman's slight weight issue by exclaiming, "make it fit".
by Jebu3 October 7, 2011
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Used to describe a massive venomous snake, spitting it’s posion before it can enter a smaller cave like warm humid cave.
Make it spit to make it fit- “Man coca, I had to make it spit before I ducked that fresh puss the other day, too big to fit . Heep heep.”
by Roca! March 3, 2018
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