to make peace - the act of making out (or having kinky tongue wars) with your significant other in front of two friends that you want to hook up to create an awkward situation.
evan and becca sat there making peace on the bed while alex and ashley watched awkwardly.

doo000o0od it's so much fun to make peace.
by Becca and Ashley! :) November 17, 2007
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(V)To masturbate in any fashion.
(N)Semen; man juice.
(V)I'm so lonely, I'm going to go Make Peace.
(N)Darn, I just got Peace all over my new shirt.
by Big Hamp September 21, 2007
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To accept one's fate. To give in to the inevitable.
From an old saying of unknown origin.
"Fate is a stubborn mule; sometimes you've got to give in and make peace with the donkey."
"Joe decided to make peace with the donkey and accept his punishment like a man."
"There's no point in living in the past. Make peace with the donkey and get on with your life."
by James J. Mitchell September 6, 2006
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To reflect on a shitty action you've done and stop being that same annoying piece of crap you used to be and swear it on god.
It is time I make peace with god for poisoning my neighbor's dog.
by RebelAgainstGod January 29, 2022
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guy 1: Your gay
guy 2: Your mom's gay
guy 1: I dare you to say that again
guy 3: Guys, guys, lets just chill, make peace and have babies :)
by thegirlthatkrumps December 3, 2010
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What politicians do when they choose war over people, culture and the earth
Politicians supporting the latest National Defense Authorization Act who don't support Universal Health Care are just making cents of peace.
by eternalchild November 8, 2018
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