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A children's charity organization for terminally ill children up to 18 years of age. Grant's a dying child their one wish in life, no matter how extreme.
Foundation: You are only 12 and we grieve your time is so short, Timmy. What can our foundation do for you?

Timmy: ...

Foundation: Anything you want Timmy! Do you want to meet your favorite football player? Own an Xbox 360 and tons of games? Drive a ferrari?

Timmy: NO GODDAMNIT! I want some ass! ASS!!! ASS ASS ASS AND MORE ASS, and lots of it, I tell you! I want the hottest bitches up in my hospital room, huge titties in each hand, and the best fucking weed ever grown.

Foundation: Timmy, you got it! That's what the Make a Wish Foundation is all about, helping kids fulfill their dreams!
by The Gimp November 05, 2012
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