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A unique name; Also found in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Very rare, but anyone with this name has a personality exceptionally different than anyone else. They are also the depth of beauty and grace.
Person 1: "You know Majenta?"
Person 2: "Yeah! I haven't seen her in forever."
Person 1: "I know man. I miss that girl."
by Rockyhorrorflickchic January 07, 2017
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A color that almost a mix of pink and purple, but with hints of red.
Him: Look at this shirt i just bought! And it came in majenta! How cool is that?

Her: Don't talk to me anymore, please.
by imaster595 June 16, 2009
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an amazing color sorta like pink but much better
i was doing a survey on myspace and i looked up majenta and it wasn't defined yet.

majenta is magnificent.
by yazmeeeeeeen April 03, 2008
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